How to Customise

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How to Customise

Every. Single. One. of our designs are customisable! You heard that right, you can change the colour of the background, font, anything!

To customise ANY design just leave a note in the box at checkout detailing what you'd like, it can be a specific hex code or just a colour and I will work something out.

Some designs require a bit more information for us to customise them...

Personalised Disney Photo Collage
The best part of these prints are that they come straight from your photographs and memories. So, to make them you will need to send me over your photographs, here is your step-by-step of how to do it:
1. Pick out your favourite photographs! Most collages need approximately 37 photos (ideally 17 portrait, 20 landscape). If you can't fit these requirements, that's okay! The template can move around a bit but that's the ideal.
2. Upload your photos to a Google Drive folder (these are completely free if you don't have one so you can set one up!)
3. Share the folder with
4. Indicate any of your favourite photos that you would like to be larger or definitely included. Please also indicate if you would like a family/name or trip name displayed underneath.
5. Sit back and let us do the work!
6. We will email a proof and request that you reply with confirmation within 5 days, if we don't get a response after 5 days we will go ahead and print.

Personalised Family/Friends Disney Ears
These prints are completely customisable to suit your friends'/families' interests. We have over twenty pairs of ears available but if you can't see your favourite pair, then drop us a message and we can see if we can get them drawn up!
(Please note: if your favourite pair of ears were made by a small shop, I will ask them for permission to draw their ears)
There are a few decisions you need to make to personalise this piece. Please leave them in the notes box at checkout or email them to
1. What font would you like?
2. Would you like it portrait or landscape?
3. Would you like a family name including? If so, what?
4. What pair of ears and name would you like for each person?
Here's a template for what to send over...
Font name:
Portrait or landscape:
Would you like a family name? If so, what:
Person 1 (Ears and Name):

Personalised Cast Member Name Badge
These are the simplest prints to personalise! All you need to do is leave your desired name and location in the box at checkout or email it over to
Here is a template for what to send over...