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4 SHEET Starter Pack | OVER 125 STICKERS | Planner/Diary Sticker Sheets

4 SHEET Starter Pack | OVER 125 STICKERS | Planner/Diary Sticker Sheets

Pack of 4 portrait sticker sheets displaying a variety of stickers to help you organise your life. Whether you use them in a diary, planner or calendar, they will easily allow you to see the activities you need to complete. This pack includes Life Admin Pack 1, Life Admin Pack 2, Water Tracker and Money Pack - full details of all are below.

Some of these sticker sheets (the Life Admin packs) are completely customisable, please select your chosen colour from the dropdown or select custom and leave a note at checkout if your fave colour isn't listed! All stickers will be made the same colour.

There are two sticker packs available on this listing, both are variations of the same stickers. Pack 1 includes day-to-day tasks/jobs and I anticipate that these stickers would last approximately two weeks if used everyday. Pack 2 includes things which happen less on the day-to-day and therefore I anticipate this being about two months worth of stickers. (obviously depending on how often/frequently you use the stickers this can vary!)

Life Admin Pack 1 includes (38 stickers):
-food shop/shopping trolley
-cocktail glass
-location marker
-coffee cup
-bin day/rubbish bin

Life Admin Pack 2 includes (34 stickers):
-day off/sleeping
-coffee cup
-cocktail glass
-shopping bags
-location marker

Stickers on Money In & Out Pack include (36 stickers):
-12 green
-24 red

Stickers on Water Tracker Pack include (22 stickers) :
-20 water trackers
-2 "hydrate don't die-drate" stickers

Matte paper quality: a matte finish, printed on 80gsm sticker paper (this is suitable for writing on)
Gloss paper quality: a glossy finish, printed on 100gsm sticker paper (while you can write on this finish in biro, it is a lot harder than matte) - please note there is a 50p surcharge for all gloss sticker sheets due to increased manufacturing costs and time.
If you would like to discuss any other print sizes please drop us a message at

The whole sheet measures approximately 4.5x6.5", the size of each individual sticker varies (please see individual listings for more details).

FREE 2nd Class UK Delivery included with ALL ORDERS. International shipping rates apply.

Environmentally friendly packaging with recycled card to stop envelopes being damaged.

Turn-around time is 1-2 weeks (at busy times this could extend up to 4 weeks but I will keep you updated throughout the whole of your ordering process).

Pictured is a digital mock-up of a sticker sheet.